IgersTravel goes online – the official Instagramers Group theme travel

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Eine Reise von tausend Meilen beginnt mit einem einzigen Schritt.
It means: A thousand mile journey starts with a single step.

In the last days I already walked a few steps and established @IgersTravel Account on Instagram.  With your help and assistance I would like to create this into a journey with thousands of miles and thousands of pictures.

You love to travel and have always itchy feet? Your suitcase is always packed for the next trip to take? Then you are exactly right! Join us on a virtual journey across all continents.

Goal of this project is to share pictures theme journey in our community. But not only pictures! Also special experiences, funny stories and gimmick tips & tricks are always welcome. Let the community be part of your experiences and your pictures.

IgersTravel is an official part of ‚Instagramers‘ and  I am glad that this project was accepted and gripped there.

Instagramers Travel

Instagramers Travel

This project @IgersTravel should be an estimation for the travel pictures, not thievery of the pictures! Because of this highest priority: ALL pictures from other users I will repost and link on the user who made them, via Statigr.am.

PREMONITION: in face of my miserable English skills, I will do this account in English! To connect all travelers around the world. So please be kind, help me to improve my English I hope in the next month my English will get better.

Of course I would be happy for some help, so don´t be shy to write down your comments and suggestions. Let the project @IgersTravel grow and release your pictures under the Hashtag #IgersTravel. A Twitter account and a Facebook Fanpage with the same name do also exist these are currently in build up. You can find us:

via @IgersTravel auf Instagram

via @IgersTravel auf Twitter

via @IgersTravel auf Facebook

Die Welt ist ein Buch.
Wer nie reist, sieht nur eine Seite davon.

Aurelius Augustinus
It means: The world is a book. Who never traveled, can only see one page of it.